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Worldwide leading virtual currency financial service provider

Safe and reliable

SuoYun traditional financial-level business, technical and regulatory capabilities, does not store any user assets, and mainly realizes spot, contract, bulk over-the-counter transactions and other trading services of encrypted assets, avoiding various problems that traders worry about, such as

Trust cleaning

The bottom layer of SuoYun will be supported by decentralized asset trusteeship and clearing technology, which is based on block chain technology and community consensus, comprehensively uses cryptography and block chain technology, and has the ability of decentralized association governance at the technical level, which effectively solves the security and trust problems faced by the centralized digital asset management platform.

Multiple derivatives

In addition to currency trading and legal currency trading, SuoYun will also carry out legal currency trading business in legitimate regions around the world, and successively launch innovative financial derivatives such as options and perpetual contracts to meet the investment needs of different users.

Customer first

SuoYun has established an advance compensation mechanism, set up an investor protection fund, and set up

The trading volume in the past 24 hours is 542527086 $

Provide safe and reliable digital asset trading and asset management services for tens of millions of users in more than 90 countries / regions around the world

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5 years of experience in digital asset financial services

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