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Common problems

Dear SuoYun users,  


Password length setting is too complex and unique best, at least 8 digits, it is recommended that the password contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers or special symbols, and there is no obvious regularity, it is best not to include your name, email, birthday, other mobile phone information is easy to obtain, for example: it is not recommended to use qingwang,123456,hwei password (such as abc123), for example: B @ n1g34ef or hJGSFS.Ba is recommended. 

Password format. 

You can also enhance the security of your account by changing your password on a regular basis (every three months). 

In addition, do not disclose your password to anyone, and SuoYun employees will not ask you to enter your password. 

Double authentication. 

It is recommended that you bind Google Authenticator. 

Google Authenticator or Google Authenticator is a dynamic password tool introduced by Google. 

You need to use your mobile phone to scan the bar code provided by SuoYun or enter the key. 

After the addition is completed, a valid 6-digit verification code will be generated on the authenticator every ten seconds. 

After the binding is successful, you need to enter the 6-digit verification code displayed on the Google authenticator each time you log in to SuoYun 

Pay attention to fishing. 

Please pay attention to fake emails from SuoYun  and try not to click links or attachments in emails. 

Before logging in to your SuoYun account, make sure that the link is the official SuoYun website. 

SuoYun will never ask you to provide a password, SMS or email CAPTCHA or Google CAPTCHA. 

If you have any questions, please contact SuoYun official email .