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Common problems

Dear SuoYun users:

1. What is fishing

Fishing attack type, it is disguised as others to get such as user name, password, id card and endowment sensitive personal information process of the crime of fraud. These communication claim (oneself) to officer , operation, customer service, or network administrators, in order to access the victim's trust.

2. Fishing routes

Through illegal molecular cloning ⼀ a virus with ⼀ same net station, and then use the ⼀ some computer viruses and spam software send fake website address to the customer's computer, or on the search site net decoy with login, to steal with user account password, trading information or, etc.

On machine message lawless  machine SMS, to pretend to be SuoYun with users send SMS fraud, claimed user winning or account is stolen by others with etc., require users to log on to the message as soon as possible in the specified net station into  authentication. the site was built outlaws, with fake web site to show the with information, such as user login the net stand and operate, then the information such as user account, password will be illegal points has learned.Through illegal points posing as official mailbox amount sent fraudulent emails, entice users a fake website, these emails to win more, system upgrades, such as a variety of reasons, request receipt ⼈ click link on the email address, login to SuoYun ⼀ a similar interface, denier user login area on the specified entered  account information such as password, this information will be stolen.By reposting links to phishing sites in the community, users are lured to fake sites.

3. Phishing

Use the more secure chrome browser and upgrade to the latest version;

Don't install browser plugins;

⚠ ️ note: browser plug-in has a  permissions, there are risks of pilferage number, such as "chrome the user-agent Switcher back door event".

*Do not open the unreliable link address, don't in the unknown input SuoYun site account password and personal information, to avoid the fishing station or  collaterals  steal;

*Install antivirus software, on a regular basis to computer and machine into  antivirus;

*Update system patches on time;

*Do not send the official verification code to others;

*Make sure that the domain name belongs to SuoYun when you log in or trade related operations.

If you have any problem, please contact SuoYun official email